hotel room design - 4****

international architectural contest 

Architects Team:

δωματιο ξενοδοχειου - 4***

διεθνησ αρχιτεκτονικοσ διαγωνισμοσ

Ομάδα Αρχιτεκτόνων:


A hotel room is an environment, a protective layer surrounding the only real element of importance: the resting place, the bed. We want to invert the roles of enclosed objects vs enclosing envelopes and turn the room into an extension of the bed. We propose a cohesive space with all activities taking place at the core and a thick wall incorporating all the secondary uses, hidden by a gently flowing curtain. The main resting space is convex, it invites the traveler to sink inside and relax, socialize and play. Instead of facing away from one another, it invites us to look at each other, co-inhabit and experience the space. CoCoon is not so much a design but a new typology of living: an urban sandbox, a soft cave that nurtures the visitor without overwhelming them.